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Lean Design Australia


Achieve Large Step-Change Transformation

Step-Change Transformation illustrative diagram

Our Knowledge Your Success

Blending 23 years of Toyota’s Transformation Experience with 23 years of Munro Design Systems to create Game-changing Operational Excellence, Complete Business Transformation and Radical Profit Improvement for You.

Kaikaku Transformation Munro Design System
“New” way of Thinking
Radical Innovation
Radical Transformation
Radical Business Outcomes
Radical Profit Improvement
“New” Design Thinking
Reduce Design Waste
Reduce Costs by ~ 30-50%
Improve Quality ~ 8-10 times
No need for trade-offs
Innovation & Tech Transfer True Green
“New” Innovation Thinking
New Access to Technology
New Transfer of Knowledge
New Dramatic Capability
New Dramatic Growth
“New” Enviro Outcomes
Zero Waste Designs
Reduce Resource use
Reduce Energy use
Reduced Carbon Footprint

Dramatically improve your Product Quality and Functionality.
Dramatically improve the Functionality of your new Technologies.
Dramatically reduce both acquisition & whole of life operating costs.
Ensure programs are achieved on-time and on-budget w/out trade-offs.

Make Money Save Money illustrative diagram

What you can use this program to achieve;

  1. Reduce the risk on all new products, technology and complete programs.
  2. To comprehensively fix all problems in existing equipment and programs.

This program is already used extensively overseas to rectify existing equipment & technology problems and unsatisfactory performance in current programs.